Stomach Pleasin Poboys

Now, we would not be a true Louisiana kitchen without offering some tasty Po’boy sandwiches! Now, we have seven different Po’boy options, and they are all to die for! We are going to tell you a lil’ about each of them, while also giving you a small history lesson about the Po’boy! Sit down and get ready to learn—both about the history and what you will be ordering next time you visit your local Jazz Kitchen location!

Now, the Po’boy is simply just the name of a sandwich that originated in Louisiana, and it typically has seafood stuffed inside deliciously baked bread with a soft center and crunchy crust. Although people go back and forth on the story of its originated, but most people agree that it is from the term “poor boy”. The reasoning behind this is what gets contested, but all we know is that it is one gosh darn delicious sandwich!

No matter which Po’boy you decide on, you get Cajun Slaw and Hushpuppies on the side—or you can always substitute sweet potato fries for $1.50! We have classic options, such as the shrimp, catfish, and oyster po’boy—but we also have some that are a little different and fun! No matter which Po’boy you choose, you’re going to be going home happy, full, and wanting to come back for more. All of our Po’boy options come in both lunch and dinner sizes!

Our shrimp po’boy has the most tender shrimp that has been tossed in our signature Cajun seasoned batter, and then you best believe we fry that bad boy until it’s golden brown! All this is on top of a delicious baguette!

Our Shrimp Po’boy!!
Our Shrimp Po’boy!!

Another classic, the catfish po’boy is very similar—a catfish fillet piled onto that fresh baguette. Seriously, it’s too good.

Switching gears a little, we have our chicken po’boy that has tender chicken breast that we (of course!) fry to a golden brown, and then place all that goodness onto a baguette.

Another seafood option is our calamari po’boy. The calamari is seasoned and breaded, placed on top of that fresh baguette, and then dressed with Sauce Piquant. Mmmm we absolutely love this!

Our crawfish po’boy featured crawfish tails that are tossed into that signature Cajun seasoned batter, fried golden brown, and then placed on top of that baguette.

An absolute classic, the oyster po’boy, has battered oysters (“ersters”) with our seasoned corn flour—and of course, we gotta put it on a baguette!

Last, and certaintly not least, we have our andouille mamou po’boy. This bad boy is spicy! We have authentic andouille sausage (seriously, this is so spicy and so good), provolone cheese that is melted to perfection, and Sauce Piquant! It brings the heat!

Our Andouille Mamou Po’boy!!
Our Andouille Mamou Po’boy!!

Come join us for lunch or dinner (or both!!) to try a classic or not-so-classic Po’boy at Jazz! Good luck choosing only one, it’s harder than it looks!