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Have you ever been at a party or gathering in the past, and while you’re eating the rather bland catered food that has been offered, and you realize that you miss the flavors and options Jazz Kitchens have to offer?! We’ve been there too—and it’s the worst! So, we are here to remind you that Jazz Kitchens has a whole catering service for any and all sized parties!

Our Catering Company

Bon Temps Catering, by Jazz, brings the heat to any sized party by delivering deliciously tasty food that you know and love from your local Jazz Kitchen! We will bring some extra soul to the party that you have planned as well, since we craft all of the food that you have asked for at your party with not only those flavors, but also with our love! We want your catering experience to make you feel like you’re inside your local Jazz Kitchen so that you don’t need to stress out over a thing!


If you have an event coming up in the future, please reach out to us—we would love to be part of any of your gatherings! Seriously, whether it’s something as small and simple as an office party, or the most important day of your life (wedding!!), or even for Mardi Gras—we are here to bring our food to you! Honestly, what could be better than an on-site seafood broil at your event?! Nothing!

Not only will we bring the soul and flavor to your party, but we will also have the amazingly professional service that you are used to whenever you come into a Jazz location. We love to make you feel at home with our food, and we promise to do that wherever you plan your event! To inquire more about planning your event, simply click here so that you can tell us more about your event—when it is, where it is, and what you’re looking for when we cater your event and someone on our catering team will get back to you shortly. We cannot wait to be part of your next event!