Jazz is rich in history and meaning. Unlike many other music genres, Jazz was invented in the United States. It’s had an incredible impact on music and popular culture. To create their famous sounds, Jazz musicians invented the first drum set. And the commonly used terms “cool” and “hip” began as Jazz terms.

The Birth of Jazz

In the late 1800s African Americans in the South were seeking a way to express the feelings of freedom they felt after the Civil War. As an outgrowth from Blues, Jazz flipped the feelings of sadness and hopelessness into feelings of joy and victory. Jazz is all about being happy; dancing and moving.

In the 1900s, Jazz became the music genre of choice in New Orleans. A city always known for its traditions of celebration and music, Jazz was the perfect fit for the frivolity and “lese les bon temps roule” spirt. The famous Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans and began performing and bringing Jazz to the masses at the young age of 13. He made the Dixieland style, which included lots of fun improv, the standard for the entire genre.

Through the great Depression and beyond, Jazz branched off to include Swing and the fast tempos of Bebop. By the 1950s, Latin and Cubin influences had combined with Jazz to create a powerful, danceable blend that speaks to the common ground of all cultures.

For the Love of Jazz

Jazz speaks to the fun spirit within all of us. To the side of us that wants to get up and dance; the side that wants to let go, and have fun. At Jazz Kitchen, we create an environment that’s packed with fun the spirit of Jazz requires. We love seeing our patrons let go and enjoy a fun night out with friends and family. We love the freedom and playfulness of Jazz.