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Our menu revolves around delicious flavors that are rooted in both Cajun and Creole histories, and sometimes it can be hard to decipher what things really mean if it is something new to you! Today, we are going to help you understand just what the heck étouffée is and what it means! Of course we always supply little breakdowns of what our menu is under each of our offerings, but we want to make sure we make sure you really know what it is before you pass up on it because you might not know how to pronounce the word!

Étouffée, A Breakdown


On our menu we have shrimp, crawfish, and blackened chicken and mushroom étouffée available—but what does that really mean? On our last page of the menu, we have stated that it is a spicy, dark roux and stock sauce. And maybe that makes sense to you, but also that is a lot of cooking terminology that can get pretty confusing (even for us, promise)!

So we are going to break it down even more for you! As we stated earlier, étouffée is rooted deeply in Cajun and Creole cuisine. Most commonly it is a shellfish based dish (i.e. why we have both shrimp and crawfish options!), and it is then served over rice (specifically, dirty rice or jambalaya). To get the delicious flavors necessary, a technique called smothering is used. Smothering is common in Cajun and Creole cuisine—this technique involves just simply covering the pan of meat (or seafood) with liquid in the pan. It is like braising food on a stove-top. The dark roux is cooked for roughly 30 minutes to not only get the desired color, but the needed flavors! These flavors are nutty, and delicious (we may be biased, though)!

No matter which étouffée you choose next time you come in, we promise it will be delicious! Whether it is the shrimp, crawfish, or blackened chicken and mushroom, they are all served over our delicious and famous dirty rice, too! Since our flavors and menu are deeply rooted in Cajun and Creole cuisine, sometimes the names can get a little confusing! But remember, we are always here to help you choose a new and delicious dish!