We talk a lot about how much love and flavor we put into our food—but what about the kids?! When you see kids menus at most restaurants, the kids seem to get the short end of the stick with bland options! We are a family friendly restaurant, and want everyone to feel at home when they come through our doors—that’s why we have a gluten free menu (check out our blog on it here), the regular menu, and our special kid’s menu! Since we felt like kids get the short end of the stick when it comes to flavor and options—which is why we have a fun and flavorful menu for those 11 and under!

The Basics

Not saying that these options aren’t fun and flavorful, but they are seen as ‘safer’ options that are targeted toward the younger audience. This includes our grilled chicken strips: this meal comes with two deliciously seasoned chicken tenders, perfectly cooked green beans, and hushpuppies you do not want to miss out on! Had to be a lil' different and make them grilled chicken strips to pump up the flavors! If we were under 11, we definitely would consider ordering these!

For our young friends that like their greens, we have a tasty Grilled Chicken Salad! This salad includes: cut up egg, some shredded cheese, delicious homemade croutons, and that flavorful grilled chicken. To top it off, you can choose any dressing you fancy! It’s a delicious and healthy option for kids!

You know we have to have a Cheeseburger available for those picky eaters (or those that love hamburgers… we understand completely). Not so surprisingly, this beef patty comes topped with a slice of American cheese and a side of fries! We like hamburgers, but we love our cheeseburgers!

Lastly, we have a pasta dish—Kids Pasta Fettuccine. This pasta is sautéed in butter, then dusted with parmesan cheese; a classic and delicious option for kids of all ages (well, up to 11…). For an added cost (only $2!!), we’ll make it Alfredo pasta! Either way, it's a great option!

Kicked Up Options

Again, not so surprisingly enough we have some kicked up options for our friends under 11! We want kids to have delicious options, but have the proper portion sizes for their growing bodies! We have three different seafood options that you can’t go wrong with!

First up we have Grilled Shrimp! These kids will be getting eight shrimp, on a skewer (tail on!), served with green beans and hushpuppies. Hmmm just typing this out makes us wish we were 11 or younger to get this meal!

Next up we have Kids Popcorn, which is beer battered popcorn shrimp. These are fried to perfection—seriously, a beautiful golden brown. For sides, there are some hushpuppies and green beans to compliment the fried-to-perfection shrimps.

Last up we have some Catfish Nuggets! Some people might fear catfish, or not want to try it because they have never had it but we promise that these nuggets are good! Similar to our popcorn shrimp, these nuggets are fried to perfection—and on the side we have some hushpuppies and green beans!

So, we are sorry that we can’t allow everyone to order off the Kids Menu, but our friends under 11 will be so happy to have so many delicious options to choose from! And of course, at all of our locations we will have fun and interactive kid menus to color on! As we said earlier, we pride ourselves on our flavors, and we will not let age stop the flavor! Next time you stop on in with someone 11 or under, try something new on our delicious kids menu!