Now in the past we have talked about our gluten free menu, our kids’ menu, the differences between creole and Cajun, and much more—but we have yet to talk about the most important part of our restaurant—you! Anyone and everyone who comes through out doors to join us for a meal is what makes us the restaurant you love to go to. Yes, at all our Jazz Kitchens locations we are proud of the delicious food and tasty drinks we have to offer to our customers, but we would be nowhere without all of our loyal customers! It is because of those who come and visit us on their best days and their worst days— the connections made at Jazz are the reasons we love what we do. And at the end of the day, all we want to do is put a smile on your face, or keep you smiling no matter what the circumstances are through our food and service!

Our Jazz Philosophy

At all five of our locations we do whatever is necessary to create an inviting environment for everyone—and it shows not only in our attention to detail in our food and drink, but in how we take care of everyone who walks through our door. Whether it is your first time at a Jazz location, or you have been so often you lost count—we want you to leave (after a delicious meal, of course) happier than you came. We know that we can do that with both the delicious flavors throughout our menu, while also having amazing customer service.

This service comes in many different forms at every Jazz location you visit—from our handcrafted and delicious food, to making sure we are able to help all of our customers no matter what they need. Do you have an answer about our menu? Are you maybe still confused about the difference between creole and Cajun? No worries—we will happily answer any question, and if we are not able to answer your questions, we will find someone else on the team that can.


Similar to the roots we have in jazz music itself, we want to bring people together and let the good times roll with our delicious food and impeccable services—we really do it for you!