Although we love when you come and visit us, we also know that it isn’t always a possibility to come in and dine—don’t worry because we have online ordering! Since we have our four different locations, each location has a specific ‘tab’ on our website to order online. At the end of this post, we have included links to our four locations so that it will take you there directly! So if you get hungry after reading about online ordering, you can easily order your favorites from this post! 

Lunch Menu

It makes sense to have online ordering for dinner—but we know that our flavors are too good to not have a delicious lunch menu! This menu is available through online ordering between the times of 11 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. Included in this special lunch menu is our normal menu, but in lunch-sized portions. Many of the lunch options come with tasty sides built in, and to see exactly which sides are included with your meal, please check out our online menu located at the end of this post! We apologize that our lunch menu only goes until 3 PM, but we have our delicious ‘regular’ menu always available! (Note: our regular menu is just what we always have—so it’s still packed with delicious creole and Cajun flavors that you love)!

One of our favorite meals to take home and eat are any of our etoufees (found under “Sautéed F’Sure”) since it is prepared with both care and flavor! We have three different etoufee options: we have shrimp, crawfish, or blackened chicken and mushroom! All three are amazing, but crawfish is the original, and sometimes you just gotta stick with the original! Thankfully, this amazingly delicious dish is easily enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, along with all of our other options!

If You Can’t Dine with Us…

Even though we love seeing our customers in-person, we know that sometimes you want the comfort of your own home to enjoy our food— which is why we made ordering online so easy! If you can’t stop in soon, have no fear—your Jazz Kitchens favorites can still be enjoyed, even if that means on your couch in your pajamas! 




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