Lese Les Bon Temps Roule! That’s not just the motto in New Orleans, it’s our motto too! One look at our menu and you can see we’ve captured true Cajun food and culture and brought it to Omaha, Kansas City, Columbia and Lubbock. That includes the unique speech patterns and particular phrases. We’ll teach you “How ta Tawk Rite” while feeding you the best Cajun food you can get and entertaining you with live music. Check out a few of our favorite menu items.

Krab Cakes A La Mer

Emphasis on the crab here. We fry them until they’re golden brown top them with shrimp and more crab in the form of crab parmesan cream sauce. It’s one of our most popular Jazzy Appetizers on the menu.


This is a must on any Cajun menu. We make ours with andouille sausage, beef tenderloin and Tasso. Pile in some dirty rice and slow cook it all with a tomato cream sauce. Outside of N’Awlins, you’re not going to find Jambalaya like this anywhere but Jazz Kitchen.


Straight from the Sicilians in New Orleans this sandwich combines great Italian meats with the Cajun Po’boy. Piles of turkey, ham, and Genoa salami are topped with Jack cheese and olive tapainade. Our Cajun coleslaw and Hushpuppies complete the meal in true New Orleans fashion.

Papa Vic’s Pasta

Do you know what the Trinity is? In Cajun cooking, it’s bell peppers, celery and onions. Added to our Chicken Alfredo with mushrooms, you’ve got a complete meal on just one plate. Clear your plate and make Papa Vic happy you ate your veggies.

Alligator Bites

Outside of Cajun country, you won’t find this delicacy, unless you come to any of Jazz Kitchen’s five locations. We serve ours with tartar sauce and Hazel dressing. It’s one of our signature dishes, so make sure to try some while you’re here.

When you come to Jazz Kitchen in Kansas City, Omaha, Lubbock or Columbia, make sure you bring your appetite. Our menu is chock full of amazing Cajun food you won’t find anywhere else outside of N’Awlins.