Event planners know that every event is more fun with food. Whether it’s a small backyard party, a wedding or major city event as big as Mardi Gras, guests will have a much more enjoyable time with delicious food from a Cajun catering company filling their bellies.

Bon Temps Catering

Jazz Kitchen’s catering company, Bon Temps Catering, brings the same high-quality, tasty food from our menu to any event you have planned. The soul-ful Cajun food options are sure to please your guests’ taste buds. And because Cajun food is more than food, it’s an experience, our catered dishes will add to the entire atmosphere for the day.

Cajun Wedding – No Problem

With Bon Temps Catering, you don’t have to be in Louisiana to have a full-on Cajun party for your wedding. Whether it’s an intimate affair or party the size of Texas, Jazz’s fabulous food will make the day memorable for you and your guests. What better way to start off your marriage than with some spicy soul food? We can’t think of any!

Office Party Catering

Christmas isn’t the only time for an office party. Spring and summer are also a great time to show your employees you appreciate them. Missouri has many amazing outdoor locations. We’re happy to cater your office event indoors or out. The fabulous spice will impress your employees and they’ll go home feeling like what they do truly matters to you.

Bringing the Seafood Boil to You

Think you can’t have great seafood in Kansas? Think again! Bon Temps Catering by Jazz brings the seafood boil to your event, coastline not required. Your guests will be amazed at the flavor and quality – they’re sure to come back for more. Promote your business or thank your employees or donors with a Cajun seafood meal they’ll never forget.

No matter the event type or size, our soul food is sure to have your guests happy and full. We offer gluten free options as well. Contact us today to plan your next catered event.