Cajun food has a rich tradition in Louisiana and here at Jazz Kitchen in New York. The party atmosphere associated with Cajun food is only one reason. There’s so much to love about Cajun cuisine it’s no surprise that it’s so popular all across the country.


Every cuisine has its own unique flavors. With Cajun, it’s a fabulous spice blend that’s a party in your mouth. It’s more than just heat. It’s a complex blend that tingles and tempts all your taste buds. It’ll make you want to get up and dance to the amazing Jazz music we have playing every day in our restaurants – even if you don’t know tap or jazz style dance.

Unique Dishes

Gumbo is one of the most well-known Cajun dishes. What makes it so tasty is the unique combination of ingredients. Okra is commonly used as are many other amazing ingredients such as shrimp and chicken. Rice is also commonly used to create a thick, stick-to-your bones dish. The rich and hearty foods warm body and soul.

Local Food

One of the hallmarks of Cajun cuisine is an emphasis on using ingredients that are locally available. Since the Cajun tradition in the U.S. began in the south, “local” food in Cajun has become synonymous with food native to the south like okra and catfish. However, Cajun lovers who wish to support their local farmers can enjoy the spice with any regionally appropriate ingredients and be comfortable they’re supporting the roots of Cajun cuisine.

With such amazing flavors and traditions, it’s no wonder everyone loves Cajun food. We sure do! Stop by any of our New York locations the next time you’re wondering “where can I get Cajun food near me.” We promise you’ll love the party Jazz atmosphere and the delectable Cajun cuisine.