Gatherings, events and celebrations of all kinds have two things in common – food and music. There’s good reason for that. Food and music both make people feel good. They both act on the soul, the heart and the brain to set a mood and create an experience. Combined, food and music act on all the senses and make truly memorable occasion.


Flavor is deeply connected to a sense of enjoyment. When you think about your favorite food, your mouth starts watering in anticipation. And you can probably remember a great meal you had as well as when, where and other situational aspects surrounding it.


The sense of smell is deeply connected to memory. Different scents can cause us to recall a wonderful moment. For example, the smell of bread baking may remind you of childhood moments spent in the kitchen with your mother.


Music and other sounds evoke emotional responses, even when they don’t have words. A great classical piece can make you feel sad or elated simply with the strains of notes. Likewise, Jazz can make you want to get up and dance or tap your feet in your seat.


Our bodies associate movement with experiences. This is why you can develop muscle memory for playing an instrument, typing or athletic activities. When you get up and dance at any of our Jazz Kitchen locations your body will associate it with fun.


Watching others have fun inspires you to have fun too. It can be anything from watching kids playing to watching one of our Jazz bands improvise and groove to the rhythms. Your heart feels lighter simply watching these things.

At Jazz Kitchen, we’re proud to provide fun for all your senses through food and music. We understand the importance of the food – music connection to the soul, brain and body and use it to provide you with an exceptional night out.