At Jazz Kitchen, we’re all about Cajun and creole food. This rustic style of cooking was brought to the Acadiana region of Louisiana by the French speaking people of Acadia Canada when they were deported by the British. This style of cooking is more than sustenance – it’s an event.

Three-Pot Affair

Traditionally, a Cajun meal is a three-pot meal. One pot is dedicated to the main dish. Another pot is used to house rice and sausage or seafood. And the third pot contains local vegetables. Notice the word local. One of the hallmarks of Cajun and creole food is that it’s rustic and local. That means using local vegetables and other food supplies.

Holy Trinity of Vegetables

Aromatic vegetables are key to any creole meal. Most chefs consider green bell peppers, onion, and celery to be the holy trinity of aromatic vegetables. They’re diced roughly and blended together during the cooking process. In the US, Cajun chefs may also include parsley, bay leaves, green onions, cayenne pepper, or black pepper in the aromatic blend.

Popular Cajun Dishes

We’re pleased to have many of these amazing Cajun dishes on our menu. They’re popular across America.


This pork sausage is spicy. What sets it apart is the all-natural casing that makes it softer than other sausage varieties.


Contrary to popular belief, gumbo is not simply “everything in a pot.” Instead, it’s a specific type of thick soup with okra as the primary ingredient. The Creole culture in Louisiana makes this classic dish with chicken or andouille sausage as the protein.


As the name sounds, this dish is fun! The only certainty is that jambalaya has rice, meat, and seafood. Everything else is added based on local availability and chef’s choice.

Stop by any of our amazing Jazz Kitchen locations to try these amazing Cajun and Creole dishes. Let us know which one is your favorite.