Kicking off 2017, or any new year, is a big event. One filled with hope and excitement for all that’s to come in the new year. Traditionally, it’s a time spent with friends having a fun night and counting down the minutes until “the ball drops” and midnight arrives with kiss from your significant other. At all five of our Jazz Kitchen locations, we’re prepared to make this New Year’s Eve celebration the jazziest one yet!

New Year’s Eve Catering

Kick up your home New Year’s Eve party with our catering services. Choose any of our delectable menu items, tell us how many people you’re expecting and we’ll have all the eats you need delivered right to your door. Your guests will love the food and you’ll love not having to cook and the easy clean up. Everyone can mingle and dance while enjoying Jazz Kitchen’s food and when you finally head to bed you won’t have to worry about a big clean up job in the morning.

New Year’s Eve Jazz Party

Party all night long at any of our Jazz Kitchen locations. We’ll countdown to midnight in each of them. Bring party horns and come prepared for a great time. The food a drink will be flowing and the Jazz will keep the party mood all night long. At midnight, each restaurant will let up a cheer and you can kiss and hug your loved one in the company of others doing the same thing. Make a reservation so you’re guaranteed a spot!

Whether you’ve got vegetarians, carnivores or anyone in between on your New Year’s Eve party guest list, we’ve got food to suit. In any of our restaurants we’ll accompany it with Jazz. If you’d rather ring in the new year at home, we’ll bring that same great food to your door with our catering services. Contact us today to learn more.