Opening presents, parties and family time are the hallmarks of the holiday season. Sometimes this leads to stress and pressure. Jazz Kitchen is here to help alleviate some of that stress. We’ve got options for gifts and parties to make your life easier.

Gift Cards

Think about the people on your Christmas list. How many of them like good food? How many of them like live music? Jazz Kitchen just made buying gifts for those people a lot easier. Now through Christmas Day when you come into any of our five locations, you can purchase a $30 gift certificate for $25. While you’re here getting gift cards, check out our fun atmosphere.

Holiday Parties

Your employees work hard all year. During the holidays, you want to show your appreciation and give them a chance to relax. All five of our Jazz Kitchen locations provide a fabulous party atmosphere. Live music, good food and fun – all the components necessary for a great holiday party. Our Kansas City, KS location can host up to 40 people. Our Omaha location is equipped to host up to 70 guests. The Jazz Kitchen Kansas City, MO location can host a holiday part for up to 50 people. Big or small, we’ve got your holiday party covered. Call us today to book yours.


Big after work hours’ holiday parties aren’t for everyone. That’s okay. Jazz Kitchen brings the party to you! We happily cater events for companies of all sizes at the location of their choosing. Whether it’s in a conference room at the office or at an executive’s home, Jazz Kitchen provides the food. Turn on the Jazz station on Pandora and boom! Party at your place.


From gifts to parties, Jazz Kitchen offers you ways to show those you love how much you care this Christmas.