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When you pride yourself on being a Cajun and Creole restaurant, you better have some next-level gumbo—and that is exactly what we have here at Jazz! Since the weather is getting colder and colder, it’s time to reunite yourself with a Cajun classic at Jazz!

Why is Gumbo So Special?!

Gumbo is special to us—it is a huge part of the Creole and Cajun world!! And, to be honest, our gumbo really is special—it’s made with those Jazz spices you have come to know and love! But the reason gumbo is so special to the Creole and Cajun world is because it represents the mixture of cultures that made up New Orleans. It brings in flavors from: France, Spain, Africa, indigenous tribes, and more! In our gumbo, not one of the flavors overpowers another; the flavors work together.

Now, the history of New Orleans isn’t as pretty as we have made it seem— but that is the very condensed “happy” version. Our gumbo has been perfected to have an amazing flavor profile that really will take you right to the French Quarter of New Orleans without even having to leave your city—and that is special!


Our Gumbo

It’s authentically New Orleans delicious. Our Gumbo is filled with Andouille sausage, seafood, dirty rice, and that New Orleans flavor you love. We offer it in a cup or a bowl—we suggest the bowl, because you can’t really get enough of our amazing gumbo!

If you have never tried Gumbo before, and you are a little hesitant to try it, we suggest getting our “Tour of New Orleans”. You’re going to get a bunch of signature flavors of New Orleans, and if our gumbo doesn’t hit the spot—something else on that plate will! We honestly don’t think that will happen, but hey, to each their own!


With the weather getting colder, we are in the full-swing of Gumbo Season! Stop in today to warm up with this New Orleans classic!