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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season?! Well, we have you covered here at Jazz! Whether you are getting ahead of the game and planning presents for get-togethers this month, or you realized that your best friends birthday is in December, we have the options for you! And remember, if you are having a get-together with friends and family—let Jazz cater it! We offer amazing food and presents, we’re the whole package!

Gift Giving Ideas

If you’re like us, buying someone a plane ticket to New Orleans as a present is not really in the budget—but the flavors of New Orleans can be found closer to home! Like we wrote about in a previous blog about bringing Jazz Kitchens to your kitchen, it is the perfect holiday gift (click here to read that blog)!  We offer: Cajun Mary Mix (we all know how stressful family get-togethers can be! Add this into the mix and you will for sure be happy!), Voodoo Juice (we like it hot, bring the heat to your holiday get together!), and Bon Ton Cajun Seasoning (seriously, don’t let flavor be missing this season)!


We have even more gift ideas that can come from Jazz—and the best part is that whoever you gift this to will be gracious and happy! Getting gifts for other people can be super hard, so give them the gift of Jazz flavor in the form of a Jazz gift card! Ranging from $5 to $250, our gift cards could not be easier to send! We offer electronic gift cards (eGift) that can be sent via email or text message! This gift idea is perfect for those you might not see during the holiday season, but you still want to show them some love! It’s fast, easy, personalized, and you know whoever you are gifting it to will love you for years to come!

Celebrate with Jazz!

So, whether you are letting us cater your party, you are sending our flavors to your friends, or you are nice enough to send a gift card—all gifts from Jazz will be the icing on the cake this holiday season!