The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Creole and Cajun food might not be pasta… but we are here to change your mind on that! We have a whole section of our menu dedicated to Voodoo Pasta—pasta so good it will put a spell on ya! Within this little section of our menu, we have both spicy and not-so-spicy options we need you to try (check back for a blog on the not-so-spicy options in the future!!)—because they’re so good and we’re afraid you might pass them up because: 1) you have already found a dish you love, or 2) you don’t think about pasta when you join us for lunch or dinner!! Both of which are valid reasons, but today we are here to change ya mind—each pasta even comes in three different size options: half order, full order, and lunch size!

Today, we are going to speak to our spice-lovin’ audience! These pastas are filled with flavor and love you know from Jazz, but it’s kicked up with spice! Spice weenies beware!

Spice, Spice Baby!

Four of our pastas range on the spicier side—but the spice is a great kick of flavor that won’t hurt too bad (or, if it does hurt too bad, we promise it’s worth it)!

Spicy Seafood Options

Two of our spicy pastas have seafood in them—the Shrimp Czarina and Seafood Little Mamou. If you’re in the mood for spicy cream sauce and seafood, Shrimp Czarina is your go-to. Filled with deliciously plump shrimp, veggies, and that spicy cream sauce—you know you will be leavin’ Jazz happy and full!

If you can’t choose between red or white sauce—you gotta try our Seafood Little Mamou. It has both red and white (Alfredo) sauce—the flavors work so well together you will be confused as to why you have not ordered it before!

Shrimp Czarina

Shrimp Czarina

Spicy Chicken Options

Not everyone is a fan of seafood, and we get that! But everyone loves pasta—so you best believe we have some spicy options that have chicken—two to be exact. We have: Blackened Chicken Fettuccine and Cajun Caccitore! Both are great options, so it will probably be hard to choose.

The Blackened Chicken Fettuccine is the spicier version of the ‘normal’ or classic Chicken Fettucine! We even think it might be better than the classic (sorry, classic pasta) with the added spice and flavor profile!

And lastly we have our Cajun Caccitore that does not have a creamy white sauce—it has our super spicy Sauce Piquant! In the words of our menu, it really does get this chicken KICKIN’! We absolutely love it!

Try Our Spicy Pasta!!

Seriously, our spicy pasta dishes are not to be missed!  They’re so good, and we want to make sure they get the love they deserve! If you are more of a spice weenie (it’s okay, we understand), check out our other pasta options on our menu that don’t have the little pepper next to it, and check back for a blog that features the not-so-spicy but still amazingly delicious pasta options!