Tailgating season is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen! But you know what your tailgate is missing?! Jazz To Geaux! With five different (and delicious) tailgating options, you are going to make everyone else who isn't eating like royalty very jealous! The best part about this, is we have done all the cooking for you—you just gotta come and pick up the aluminum pans before you head off to the game! These five different tailgating packages are listed below—what they include, and what they cost! Honestly, you don’t even need to be tailgating to get our delicious food To Geaux, we wouldn’t blame ya for just getting it for a regular ol’ Saturday or Sunday!

To Geaux!

As we stated earlier, we have five different tailgate options to choose from—Papa Vic, Voodoo, Bayou, Tour of New Orleans, and Geaux KC Packages! Keep on reading to learn more about all three!

Papa Vic Package

At $25 per person, you will not be going hungry at your upcoming tailgate—we mean it! This package gets you 2 pounds of crawfish, 2 new potatoes, a cornbread muffin, corn, and an andouille sausage link—all of this is per person! We know a good (and tasty) deal when we see one, and this is one of our favorites!

Voodoo Package

Like the Papa Vic Package, the Voodoo Package is $25 per person as well, but it features some different (but still delicious!!) items. In this package, you will get: 1 pound of crawfish, corn, an andouille sausage link, one-fourth (1/4) 31/40 shrimp, 2 new potatoes, and a cornbread muffin. This package offers a little more variety (with the addition of shrimp)! When it comes to the Papa Vic and Voodoo packages, both are delicious, so it is up to you to choose which package fits your tailgate!

Bayou Package

Our third tailgate package will only cost $18 per person! This package includes: one-half (1/2) pound of U-peel shrimp, 2 new potatoes, a cornbread muffin, corn, and an andouille sausage link. Again, all of this is per person! A deal of a lifetime, if you ask us! 


Tour of New Orleans Package

Are you looking to feed roughly 12 to 15 people?! The Tour of New Orleans Package is the one to choose, and it only costs $100! In this package, you get: half a pan of jambalaya, half a pan of red beans and rice, half a pan of seafood gumbo, and cornbread muffins (one per person). Some of our favorite dishes from Jazz coming together to make your tailgate the best one yet!

Geaux KC Package

Our final package feeds 10 people and costs $90! This package will have: 10 Boudin links (smoked or jalapeño, cooked or uncooked—can be grilled by you!), half a pan of red beans and rice, and one cornbread muffin per person. A great and tasty option for your tailgate of 10!


Have you found the perfect tailgate package for you, but you want to add a little something more to it?! Well, we can do that for ya! You can add: Boudin link ($5—smoked or jalapeño, cooked or uncooked), half a pan of red beans and rice ($30), half a pan of seafood gumbo ($50), half a pan of jambalaya ($50), Cajun Mary mix ($6), and/or Bon Ton spice ($4). If you need anything extra to kick up your tailgate, we have you covered!   

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.11.44 PM.png

If you need some help spicing up your tailgate, look no further! Contact your local Jazz location to get your order in for the upcoming weekend (please give us at least 72 hours to get your order ready!)—you will not be disappointed!