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Did you know that all Jazz locations have an awesome daily special menu? For five out of the seven days of the week, we have different, delicious, and nicely priced specials! Now, these specials are dine in only, but once you see out different specials and pricing—you will want to stop in and get the deals! What could be better than the Jazz food you know and love and discounted prices?! Nothing! 

Delicious Dine In Deals

From Sunday to Thursday, we have deals that you will not want to miss! Love the different deals we have on each day? Feel free to stop in every day—who are we to judge?! We love our food, and at these prices— it is a great way to fill your tummy at a discounted price!

Southern Sundays

No better way to start off your week than at your local Jazz location with deals on Cajun Bloody Mary’s, étouffeé, and Creole dishes! On Sundays, a Cajun Bloody Mary will only cost you $3.50—what a deal! A deal so good, you can definitely get more than one! When it comes to étouffeé and the Creole dishes—whichever you choose, it will only be $10! This could be the perfect time to try something new! If you aren’t sure what étouffeé is— you can click here, to check out an earlier blog we wrote on understanding that scary word!

Mudbug Monday

Join us on Monday for more delicious deals! This time, we’re servin’ up Hot Broiled Crawfish—and when you order two pounds, you get $5 off! Along with this, our Hurricane drinks are $5! So, if you order two pounds of our crawfish (and get your $5 off…), your Hurricane drink (which is only $5!) is now sort of free! What a great and delicious deal that you will not find anywhere else!


Half Off A La Mer Tuesdays

This deal sort of speaks for itself, but we’re still going to break it down for ya! Join us on Tuesdays for half off any Chicken A La Mer option! All you have to do is order a beverage of any kind to get this deal! And don’t worry—we’re here to help you out! We also have select bottles of wine that will be half off on Tuesdays! Half off dinner and a bottle of wine?! Sign us up!

Winged Wednesdays

One of our favorite days to help us get through the last half of the work week is Winged Wednesdays! Our Voodoo Wings are only 50 cents each! What goes well with wings?! Beer, of course! To help you wash down (and cool off!) we have Abita Beer for only $3.25! If you’re sick of cooking and need a deliciously cheap meal— stop on in and join us!


Topless Thursdays

It’s not as raunchy as it sounds—or is it?! On Thursdays, we offer oysters on the half shell for only $1! Just like Winged Wednesday, we also offer beer specials on Thursdays—this time, its Boulevard Beers for $2.25! A delicious, and cheap(!), option for a Thursday night dinner!

No matter the case, joining Jazz is a good call—but it’s even better when you can get our flavorful dishes at discounted prices! Next time you join us, make sure to check out our daily specials to see what deal you can get!