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So many times we feel as though people miss out on delicious options because they don’t think they can fit appetizers in—let us remind you, that you can do it if you put your mind to it! Or, if you can’t, you can always take it home with you! When you start with an appetizer, it allows your stomach to make more room for your meal… Well, we aren’t sure if that is true, but we love to make our trips to Jazz the trifecta (you know, getting an appetizer, dinner, and dessert)! Today, we are going to talk about three of our absolute favorite options from our Appetizer section from our menu!

Side Note: In a previous blog we spoke about making beignets an appetizer, too—so don’t miss out on that amazing opportunity, either! You can check that blog out here!

Jazzy Appetizers

We have 17 amazingly tasty appetizer options, and today we are only going to highlight three! Make sure you check out our full menu to see all the options! 

Voodoo Wings

Wings are a classic option for an appetizer, but ours are literally the best wings you will ever have. They are spicy and delicious, and you will not feel like you got skimped on the amount of chicken on each of the wings! It comes in two sizes—12 wings or 6 wings! Perfect for sharing… but we also will not judge if you eat them all yourself!

Mmmmmmm Voodoo Wings!

Mmmmmmm Voodoo Wings!

Cajun Calamari

Another classic appetizer option, but of course we have added our Jazz flair to it! Seasoned and breaded calamari that is fried to golden brown perfection. On the side, we add a delicious Sauce Piquant and Parmesan cheese—the three work together to create the appetizer of your dreams!

Tour of New Orleans

Alright, this actually might be the appetizer of your dreams instead of calamari. Why?! Oh, well because we add four different and delicious appetizers onto one plate. You heard that right—it’s like the best deal ever, a four for one deal! We have some Jambalaya, Beans & Rice, Gumbo, and Hushpuppies. Yeah, we cannot believe that we offer this too, because we would order this every time we came!

Appetizers seem to get the short end of the stick, so next time you stop in at a Jazz location—show the appetizers some love! We have seventeen different options for appetizers, so order more than one!! We love them all, and we know you will too!