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In a previous blog, we broke down our menu for you by giving you the history and details of an important staple of the Cajun world—étoufée! Today, we are going to do something similar with one of our absolute favorite things in the whole world—dessert! And we ain’t talkin’ some lame dessert that only satisfies you because you crave sugar. We’re talking about the best dessert in the world (seriously, even Kim Kardashian West is all about them)! Today, we will tell you all about the magic that is beignets.

Beignet Background

Beignets are originally from France, but have made their way into the New Orleans Creole and Cajun scene. So, it only makes sense that we offer them at our Jazz locations! They are also frequently served as a breakfast option, and they most resemble a fritter or tiny doughnut covered in delicious powdered sugar. Traditionally, they are made right before you eat them—so they are hot, fresh, and of course delicious (especially when you get them from Jazz…)! Here at Jazz, we suggest you order beignets every time you come—with a side of café au lait (or simply put, coffee with hot milk). As you can see from the picture below, this dessert is not one to miss out on! 


It makes complete sense that this tasty dessert is pronounced ben-YAY! Once you try them, you will understand the ‘hype’ that surrounds this dessert. We have heard so many customers come in and be excited to try our beignets for the first time— and not only are their expectations exceeded, they look forward to the next time they can come and eat with us! Next time you stop by, make sure to leave space for this delicious dessert—you will not be disappointed! Or, if you feel as though you might not be able to save space for dessert (honestly, it happens to the best of us—don’t worry!), you should try the beignets for an appetizer! We know, it might sound crazy, but it is a tried and true way to make sure that you aren’t too full to miss out on this delicious dessert-turned-appetizer! And at Jazz, we kick our beignets up by adding delicious Chantilly whipped cream sauce on the side (pictured above)—you do not want to miss out on this!!

Next time you visit your local Jazz location, make sure to either order your beignets as an appetizer, or get them for dessert! They are tried and true, and loved by everyone who has tasted them, and especially Jazz's beignets!